Breaking Free from Eating Disorder: Self-Help Manual with Guided Meal Plans

Included in this Food Freedom Programme is a set of Guided Meal Plans specifically designed to help you achieve the following:

  • To achieve nutritional rehabilitation i.e. a state where your body is at its natural unsuppressed weight, not determined by reading on a BMI chart
  • To restore optimal bodily functions
  • To break free from binge restrict cycle
  • To make peace with food again


Structured Meal Planning is essential if a body is to relearn the physiological cues of feeding behavior i.e. hunger and satiety following a period of restrictive or chaotic eating. The benefits of using the set of Guided Meal Plans are as follows:

  • It helps develop a consistent ability to choose a balanced diet, in a carefree manner, using a variety of foods
  • There are no "banned" foods
  • It removes the trouble to engage in aimless eating disorder/disordered eating bargains
  • It allows structured but non rigid meal pattern
  • It gives flexible alternative to calorie counting
  • It minimizes feelings of anxiety and fear associated with meal times
  • It allows the introduction of difficult foods i.e. "fear foods"
  • It allows you to remain in control of the dietary choice and make informed choices
  • It allows you to respond to extreme hunger in a "controlled" manner


Since having an eating disorder/disordered eating typically involves being isolated, depressed, judgemental, irritated, obsessive and other fun stuff; in a simple sense, recovery is a reversal of all that: connecting, laughing, hopeful, accepting, relaxing and flexible.


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